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We seek those willing and eager to take on demanding responsibilities and contribute their leadership skills.

“There is a unique willingness to allow people to ‘wear many hats,’ and move beyond their comfort zones into interesting roles as they develop.” – Mike Garofalo, VP of Operations

CS Energy is always seeking industry experts at the top of their game to build successful businesses with us. Several of the industry’s top leaders have joined our team. Here’s why:

As an entrepreneurial company of doers, CS Energy has a strong vision about growth and opportunity. Our managers are led by an inclusive executive team that is willing to take calculated risks seeking the right opportunities and the right clients.

The company’s culture is formed at the executive level, where the team listens to each other and promotes an open dialogue about strategy. This management approach cascades throughout the organization. We share a common vision of our strategic plan and directly involve employees in the company’s success. This results in employees at all levels who are invested and interested in our direction and take opportunities to support the company, our clients and each others’ success.

CS Energy seeks and fosters top caliber employees at all levels. A belief in continuous learning has created a teaching culture at CS Energy, leading our staff to be ready for unusual opportunities that arise in an entrepreneurial organization.

Bring your expertise to a growing, people-centric organization and help CS Energy build a new region, industry or market. Complete the online application to begin your CS Energy Experience!

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