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With the construction of a new 4.5 MW solar array, Amesbury will soon be one of the biggest solar powered cities in Massachusetts.

Back in 2012, a closed landfill at the corner of South Martin and South Hunt Roads was bought by the city. The plan was to designate the areas for soccer fields. Unfortunately, the plan never came to fruition. Years later, the city entered into an agreement in 2015 to build a solar array at this location. However, the company declared bankruptcy in 2016, placing the project on hold.

Later in 2016, the city of Amesbury restarted the process. They put out requests for proposals, and in October, selected a company to develop the project. Conti Solar was chosen by the developer to perform the construction.

For Conti Solar, Amesbury is becoming familiar ground. Back in December of 2016, Conti performed the engineering, procurement, and construction of a 5.9MW landfill array at Hunt Road.

“Conti is excited to build more solar in the town of Amesbury,” said Kevin Magayah, Manager of Business Development. “We are proud to be helping to deliver additional clean energy and economic development to this community.”

With this second project, Amesbury will soon be producing approximately 10.5 MW of solar energy, making it one of the largest solar producers in the state of Massachusetts.