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The primary solar project developer in Rhode Island, Southern Sky, contracted CS Energy to engineer, procure, and construct a 3.8 MW solar field.

This is one of the seven projects in a portfolio awarded to CS Energy being constructed in Rhode Island.

CS Energy designed two separate fields for solar arrays, one on each side of the road. Both arrays are on capped landfills which changed how the project was approached.  It was a challenge since each site is situated on a large hill and modules need to maintain an optimal tilt angle. The team designed and executed the installation of the modules to follow the contours of the slope while maximizing production.  

While this site is a landfill, the posts were able to be driven instead of ballasted. Wiring however still had to be all aboveground in cable trays. Although challenging, CS Energy ensured that the cable trays were neat, to code, and allowed for access to rows. 

During the design phase, it became clear the hills on the Eastern side of the project were going to be an issue for shading because of how steep the terrain was. To alleviate this, the team used all the adjustment allowed by the RBI system to increase production during peak times.  The CS Energy team also isolated the panels where shading can’t be avoided so that they have less of an effect on the total output of the system.