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The Amesbury site, formerly the Hunt Road landfill, is one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) solar landfills in Massachusetts and one of five projects Conti was awarded by Citizens Energy Corporation.

​Conti performed engineering, procurement and construction for this 5.9 MW solar farm located on a landfill managed by Waste Management, Inc.

Conti successfully managed installation of multiple sizes of ballast block foundations and different lengths within the racking system while remaining compliant with permits issued by the regulatory agencies. Conti also successfully managed procurement of long lead items like medium voltage transformers to finish the project on time.

The project has 17,623 LG solar modules, 4,888 pre-cast concrete ballast block foundations, 928 pre-wired strings and three equipment pads housing an assembly of two inverters, one transformer and one data acquisition system per pad. Electrical power is stepped up from 380V to the National Grid’s interconnect at 13.2kV. To support electrical infrastructure, feeder roads, culvert crossings and equipment pads were constructed. Conti also installed various erosion control measures and maintained compliance with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.

With lean management skills and support of a great technical team, Conti achieved tight project deadlines without any major safety incidents to successfully make a challenging interconnect with National Grid. Citizens Energy will own and operate the project for a lifespan of 20 years.