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Conti designed, engineered and constructed one of the largest solar projects in New England on an incredibly fast track schedule.

One of the foremost solar energy developers in the eastern US, Blue Wave Capital worked for several years to develop the highly complex Barrett Street project before contracting Conti to design, engineer and construct one of the largest solar projects in New England on an incredibly fast track schedule.

Conti worked on 12 uniquely-shaped mini-arrays spread out in between wetlands across the 130-acre site which presented logistical challenges with only one roadway in and out. To keep the project on schedule and budget, the team closely managed trucking traffic and worked on multiple arrays concurrently. Conti also built access roads, culverts and swales and performed general site grading, boring pit drilling and structural demolitions while managing close to 230 personnel at peak and 20 subcontractors throughout the project, including electrical engineers, demolition specialists and Conti’s long-time racking and photovoltaic (PV) module supplier and installer, RBI Solar.

During construction, the team performed work in accordance with the specifications of Blue Wave Capital and the Town of Oxford, whose Conservation Commission, Building Inspection department and Electrical Inspection department, along with a third party Oxford inspector, monitored the project regularly.

Once construction was complete, Conti tied the PV system into the existing National Grid distribution system. Blue Wave Capital will own and operate the array for 20 to 25 years.