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CS Energy was contracted by Clean Energy Collective to design, procure and install a 2.7 MW ground mounted array in Chester, New York.

CS Energy provided EPC services for this 2.7MW DC project constructed around wetlands and low-lying floodplain areas. The floodplain areas presented logistical challenges for the project team and required the implementation of swamp mats to provide a working surface for personnel and equipment without sinking into the wet areas. The team worked through the challenging floodplain regions despite these obstacles by closely managing and coordinating with the subcontractors on site where to strategically place mats to maintain forward progress.

During the design phase, special consideration must be taken when engineering a solar array in a floodplain. The floodplain region this particular project was constructed in required all electrical equipment including the modules to be elevated anywhere from 4’ to 5’ above existing grade. The electrical equipment pad also needed to be elevated. CS Energy engineered and installed an elevated structural steel structure with spread footings to meet the elevation requirement and keep the transformer and associated equipment well above the floodplain.