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The Dover Landfill, located in Dover Massachusetts, is a former municipal solid waste landfill owned by Hale Reservation and operated by the Town of Dover that ceased operation in 1987. BlueWave Solar entered into an agreement to develop a commercial-scale solar PV system on the landfill.

Conti provided development support, engineering, procurement, construction, interconnection, commissioning, testing and startup as a complete turnkey package to Bluewave.

Conti designed all aspects of the Facility including the layout, electrical and structural components while remaining in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and location laws, regulations, codes, licenses and permit requirements. Conti encountered challenging geotechnical conditions, and our engineering team worked with our operations team to ensure we utilized the correct equipment, installations methods, and material storage protocols to prevent any damage to the existing cap

Conti prioritizes community engagement in all our projects. In this project, in order to effectively communicate and interact with the local community, we provided an informational kiosk at a local park and a viewing screen for the Dover Sherborn Regional School District that shows show real-time production data for the site, allowing the local community a change to see the benefits of the solar project.