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The Elizabeth Mine Site is one of the largest historic mining sites in New England located between the towns of Strafford and Thetford, Vermont.

As part of a complex Superfund effort to clean-up and stabilize the abandoned copper mine, Greenwood Energy, codeveloper and now owner of the solar installation, contracted Conti Solar to engineer, procure, and construct the 7 MW ballasted solar project.

Installation strategies and logistics were communicated thoroughly with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VANR) to limit any impacts to the recently capped Superfund landfill.

The Elizabeth Mines Solar project was the largest PV solar installation in the State of Vermont at its time of completion. The system contains over 2,200 ballast blocks, 20,000 PV modules, and three Concrete Integrated Central Inverter Skids. Conti Solar had calculated, communicated, and orchestrated the staging and movement of all materials and labor across the landfill cap to ensure the construction plan was being adhered precisely to specifications. Conti Solar managed local contractors to complete the project under budget and over a month ahead of schedule.

Due to the remote location of the project, over 500 tractor trailers were piloted and escorted from the Interstate Highway through 10 miles of Vermont country roads within the towns of Sharon, Thetford, and Strafford. Conti Solar had conducted the network of flagmen, police details, detours, pilot cars, and permitting to ensure the safety of the residents and protection of the local infrastructure.