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As one of the foremost solar energy developers in the eastern United States, BlueWave Capital worked for a number of months to develop the Mendon Providence Street Project.

​BlueWave contracted Conti to perform turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services for the project.

Conti worked on three arrays spread out over approximately 30 acres, of which 23 acres were cleared of trees in preparation for construction. The team kept the project on schedule and budget utilizing a variety of different specialty subcontractors to execute the work on site. From start to finish, the project was complete in approximately 8 weeks.

Conti managed about 60 personnel at peak, with seven subcontractors throughout the project, including electrical and civil engineers. The project was constructed utilizing the RBI Solar’s follow-the-grade racking system constructed and installed to the specifications and satisfaction of BlueWave Capital.

A main gas line for the Northeast region ran through the project sites, so Conti needed to install a permanent gas long crossing in accordance with Gas Line company requirements. Conti implemented the use of temporary air bridge gas lien crossings to allow the flow of the project to continue as the gas line operators performed remediation work on their facilities.

Conti understood the sensitive nature of working in close proximity and on top of these types of gas lines and coordinated with the local utility and BlueWave Capital to ensure the project was not affected by the restrictions posed by the gas line operators.