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Conti Solar was contracted by NJR Clean Energy Ventures III Corporation to design, procure and install a 10.7MW post mounted array between October 2017 and April 2018.

Work consisted of installation of almost 2,561 posts for the solar array, racking and installation of approximately 27,072 LG solar modules. Conti’s work also entailed the DC and AC work associated with the solar array including the setting of four SMA central skid inverters and a PowerGrid Solutions switchgear at the point of interconnection.

Prior to the installation of the solar facility, Conti had to clear 31 acres of land and import 22,000 cubic yards of clean fill.  The clean fill was used to “cap” the brownfield site, which was previously used as a brick manufacturing facility.

Conti Solar constructed the array throughout the winter months with little to no impact to overall schedule durations. Through our detailed preplanning process, we were able to schedule our work around the weather and keep the progress of the site moving despite weekly snow and rain events throughout the particularly harsh winter.

Conti Solar’s work on this site helped convert a previously unusable brownfield into useable property which now generates renewable energy.  This work directly impacted the community by remediating a large contaminated property that was adjacent to schools and homes. Additionally, the green energy produced directly benefits the local community as the energy produced by the solar array will be used to power homes in the local community.