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Conti was contracted to engineer procure, construct and commission a 4.0 MWdc ground mount solar array on a farm field in Waconia, MN. The project was in the development stage for over a year before Conti was contracted to perform work.

Conti managed all aspects of the work required to install an RBI ground mount racking system, REC modules, Chint string inverters, and associated pad mounted equipment to interconnect the system to three switchgears. In addition to the solar equipment, Conti installed several screening features such as berms, trees and shrubs, to satisfy the neighborhood opposition to the project. Conti also installed two filtration basins, a culvert, and temporary sedimentation basin, to meet the state’s strict stormwater prevention and pollution regulations.

Conti faced several challenges on this project which included last minute changes to the method of interconnection (from a pole mounted scenario, to a pad mounted switchgear scenario), pre-existing contaminated material onsite which was properly remediated and disposed of, neighborhood opposition to the project, and a new geographical area for Conti where the subcontractors and utility were new to Conti. Despite these challenges, Conti was able to complete the project and interconnect before the end of the year in 2017.

The array will be managed by the owner for 25 years.