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As part of PSE&G’s Solar 4 All Program, these projects were among the first to transform otherwise unusable landfill space into solar generating facilities.

As part of New Jersey’s Solar Act of 2012, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities established a program to encourage solar utility companies and contractors to redevelop existing lands into solar generation facilities. PSE&G, one of the nation’s leading solar utility providers, developed its Solar 4 All Program to convert landfills around New Jersey into solar farms. With Conti’s help, these first-of-its-kind projects are profitable and beneficial to the communities they serve.

Conti engineered, procured and constructed two of PSE&G’s largest solar photovoltaic (PV) systems: a new ballasted ground array on a former reclamation sanitary landfill in Bordentown, New Jersey, and its largest, most beneficial public brownfield redevelopment to date in Sewell, New Jersey’s Kinsley Landfill. Both sites were highly publicized in their communities due to the negative impacts of those landfills. Malodors, groundwater contamination and political battles around how to handle the land had left Kinsley and Parklands with controversial histories and in need of positive change.

Conti helped PSE&G turn these sites into benefits for their communities as production centers of clean, renewable energy. The project teams provided permitting support, engineering, procurement, construction, interconnection, commissioning, testing and startup as a complete turnkey package to PSE&G on both projects.

At Parklands, Conti engineered and constructed a 10.1 MW ballasted ground mount array producing more than 14 million kWh. Conti provided a customized ballasted racking system and installation process to ensure the integrity of the existing cap was not compromised. At Kinsley, Conti engineered and constructed a 11.2 MW solar array also producing more than 14 million kWh. The team provided a suitable final grade for the array by importing and placing close to 100,000 tons of clean fill material on the site. Quick and efficient solutions like these enabled Conti to finish this highly publicized project two months ahead of schedule.

Both projects generate enough electricity to power over 3,500 homes annually.