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Triangle T Ranch is one of the largest almond and pistachio farms in California. This project was designed to offset Hancock Natural Resource Group’s (HNRG’s) operating expenses at the TTR and contribute to their sustainable farming practices.

Conti provided all development and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for HNRG, making this truly a turnkey project and showing Conti’s capabilities beyond EPC to manage the vast renewable programs in California and ensure the client is delivered the best return on their investment.

Conti studied the net metering regulations in California and time-of-use electricity tariffs, local development requirements and TTR’s seasonal energy needs to model the solar investment. When HNRG chose to proceed, Conti took lead on utility interconnection process, permitting and the standard engineering, procurement and construction scope for the project.

The 3.9 MW solar array utilized NEXTracker ground mount single axis tracker with four interconnection locations spread across TTR. When the system is fully operational, the investment will save TTR over $800,000 in annual energy savings with a projected $18 million saved over 20 years. It will offset 93 percent of TTR’s energy demand and maximize previously underutilized land.

Conti developed complex modeling software to analyze how the project’s kWh production will convert into dollars utilizing the appropriate utility tariff and net metering regulations. One of the largest agriculture projects in the Central Valley, it posed a challenge in pushing development and construction, but the project will be operational in under a year.