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Conti’s first international solar project, this 5MW system is helping the Israeli army kick-off their long-term renewable energy initiative.

One of the largest organizations in Israel is working hard to improve energy usage. Dubbed “Blue Going Green,” the Israeli Defense Force launched a program to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels by building new solar installations at as many air force bases as possible.

The ambitious program seeks a net-zero-energy air force by the end of 2033, so Israel’s army and air force bases would produce almost all their energy from solar sources and institute a wide range of other environmentally-friendly technologies. The first solar-based air force facility to come online is a major base in southern Israel.

Conti designed and constructed the photovoltaic power plant with a DC power rating of 5 MW. The plant includes a weather station tied into the solar system’s communication infrastructure and is equipped with sensors to measure and monitor irradiance, temperature and wind speed.

The project team’s work on the secure, active air force base required significant security protocols and coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers and Israeli air force base personnel. Conti’s site security officer worked daily to make sure operations were performed in accordance with the base’s tight security specifications.