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As part of our full turn-key service offering, CS Energy provides operation and maintenance services for nearly 75 MWs of projects that CS Energy has installed.

We utilize our standardized data monitoring platform which is monitored on a 24/7 basis, and we provide regular troubleshooting and warranty management services for the sites. We have been regularly performing monitoring and O&M services for solar projects for over 10 years.

How We Monitor

CS Energy manages our O&M and monitoring services through Remote Operations Center located in Edison, New Jersey. The O&M team consists of:

  • Asset Manager
  • Engineering Director
  • PV Design Engineers
  • Field Technicians

Our O&M team

Our O&M team oversees our entire portfolio, monitors systems for alarms, and ensures all preventative maintenance is performed correctly and on a timely basis. We dispatch field technicians, as required, and remotely control our systems when possible. We pull data from our data monitoring platform to analyze and diagnose the system while also providing feedback to field technicians during their troubleshooting. Throughout our 10-year history monitoring, operating, and maintaining solar projects, we have developed a series of best practices which we follow in order to ensure optimal system performance and customer satisfaction.